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Pineapples with Purpose Art Therapy and Consulting, LLC!


Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

You've been thinking about taking action toward your mental and emotional well-being, but unsure where to start. Perhaps, you desire an alternative or additional method to process current or past challenges. Some days you may feel like giving up and need a way to externalize your fear, worry, or frustration. Maybe you're wanting to take a big risk or strengthen some of those difficult areas in your life. All in all, you try to keep going, but hiding your pain with a smile makes you more and more uneasy. 

We all need a healthy and safe way to actively process our experiences, and sometimes words fail us.

Lets dive into our creative selves and allow ART to do the TALKING...Its time to  

Make Room for your Crown!

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Servicing both Florida and Mississippi, PWP sees everyone as a pineapple made of 200 or more flowers that have come together to protect their inner core. We honor all experiences and believe in meeting people where they are. Using the art process, we shift the cradle of your emotions, water the core of your strengths, and makes room for the gifts of your crown!

 I completed my undergraduate studies at Tougaloo College and received a Master of Arts degree in Art Therapy from Florida State University. Some of the settings I have worked in range from schools, community outreach centers, crisis hospitals, residential facilities, private practices, and rehabilitation centers. 

Building community through education and creative engagement is at the core of my practice. I enjoy spreading awareness on topics such as: art therapy and neurodiversity, racial trauma, identity development, trauma and attachment styles, communal and racial healing, and the pineapple metaphor just to name a few.

My work is committed to racial and health equity in which I help advance the quality of life through justice, critical consciousness, and community healing. Using the pineapple as a direct metaphor, I guide clients through the cradle, core, and crown, creating space for truth-telling and narrative change, externalizing pain through art, and aligning with the community.

About April Fitzpatrick

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PWP is Hopeful, Transformative, Cultured, Boundless, and Symbolic.

Pineapples with Purpose recreates, reimagines, and reinvents the way we view mental health.

Decreasing the mental health stigma is our Mission.

Helping others find beauty in their brokenness is our Priority.

Using art to turn pain into purpose is our Superpower.

Make Room for Your Crown is our Motto.

We ignite your mood and welcome you into a safe space with the pineapple's symbol of hospitality, but we do not stop there. We utilize everything about the pineapple to appreciate your narrative.

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