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Pineapples with Purpose is reimagining the addressing of trauma and mental health through interactive and engaging means utilizing a pineapple’s own growth and journey as a metaphor.


Pineapples with Purpose integrates research, art interventions, and educational efforts to uniquely address and destigmatize issues of mental health. Honoring the  intergenerational approach, we offer services to support youth and adults.

About PWP

Known as the collective fruit, the pineapple is made of 200 flowers fused together to form one berry. Pineapples with Purpose recognizes each individual as 200 uniques experiences that have fused together to create a special story. Like the pineapple, many of us have developed defenses to protect the sweetness of our core as a result of traumatic experiences.  Masking the trauma, our defenses are often unique, mystifying, but misjudged.

Pineapples with Purpose uses the Pineapple to dismantle the barriers to mental health support and offer a community level exchange to hear authentic stories often silenced by stigma and shame. Using a 12 session core curriculum to reduce the impact of anxiety, depression, and suicide in underserved communites, we create a fruitful journey to help individuals turn pain into purpose .

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