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Let's Make Room For Your Crown!

Wellness Workshops

With mental health on the rise, it is important for us to educate, empower, and engage daily.  We offer opportunities to decrease mental health stigma, increase accessibility, and bridge the gap between health practitioners and community members.  Our speaking engagements, wellness workshops, and creative consulting are tailored to corporate, government, community, and religious organizations. We can present at your conference, partner with your staff, or lead breakout sessions during your event. Our interactive practice focuses on building a sense of community, enhancing problem-solving, expanding the creative consciousness, and increasing positive production. We specialize in a variety of topics and themes such as:

  • Art therapy and neurodiversity

  • Racial trauma and building resilience

  • Art therapy and youth empowerment

  • Crisis management and the art process

  • Art in the workplace

  • Nonverbal communication and the art of processing

  • Identity development, trauma, and attachment styles

  • Communal and racial healing

  • Symbolism and the pineapple metaphor 

  • History, museums, and art therapy


Need something special?

We can customize each offering to meet your needs, goals, and objectives.

Book a free 15 min consultation.

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 Collaborative Partnership

I collaborate with you to bring the transformative power of Art Therapy to you. We cultivate a communal discovery experience with interested groups that will enable you to acquire a basic understanding of art therapy, racial healing, narrative change, truth-telling, and transformation.  Using the pineapple metaphor and model, we will aid you in deepening your understanding of how historical trauma manifests itself in our lifeworlds.  Followed by a shift from what happened to you to what's right with you. An interactive experience filled with art making, teamwork, conversation, and pineapples will help participants redefine and reclaim narratives rooted in truth, justice, and radical hope.

This process is experiential and integrates various disciplines including narrative, strength-based, emotion-focused, multicultural, mindfulness, and trauma-focused therapies. Learning to identify the presence of trauma can help us reshape our bodies, lives, families, communities, and spaces we gather.

Interested in having a new experience at your next conference, breakout session, or retreat? 

Book a 30 min Consultation to explore endless possibilities.

$50 consultation fee deducted from the final cost

$3500 standard estimate for average size groups 10-15; for smaller or larger groups please schedule a consultation HERE or contact us:


The final cost is determined by the length of the retreat, number of people, activities, location, and travel. Ready to partner! Click below to fill out form. 

Therapy Frequency

A chance to make solid gains and achieve your therapy goals. One session each week


Cradle-A chance to make solid gains and achieve your therapy goals. One session each week

Core-Maintain good functioning and reinforce gains.  One session every other week.


Crown-Check-in for support and realignment. One session monthly.

Make Room for Your Crown-Come as needed or when you are in stressful situations, or during a difficult time of year.

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