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Hello! I am April Fitzpatrick, ATR-BC, often referred to as the Pineapple Lady.

I am the owner of Pineapples with Purpose Art Therapy & Consulting Services, LLC. We are a mobile and online therapy practice that provides art therapy to individuals and communities with little to no access to art experiences. I am fully licensed to practice as a board-certified art therapist in Florida and Mississippi.

From time to time, you may hear me say Make Room for Your Crown; that is because art is my superpower and has helped me embrace even the most challenging life transitions. This mantra inspires me to help others make room for their crown by utilizing art media through art therapy services and coaching. Though the thought of art may be intimidating for some, art therapy illuminates the power of the process over the product.


For the past 9 years, I have experienced and witnessed the power of art to heal, create new patterns, and deepen our insight. I invite you to the journey of unlocking your creativity to honor all parts of yourself. Healing is hard work and committing to the process is not easy, but you are here making the first step. Let's Art It Out!


Pineapples with Purpose!


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What's Best for You?

I am versed in various types of therapies; however, my core practice is rooted in narrative change, truth-telling, racial healing, and transformation. I believe that you are the author of your story and only you can tell it best.  Unfortunately, your story may have been impacted by trauma, and the narrative becomes more about what happened to you than what's right with you. On this journey of illuminating your voice and finding what works for you, I center your humanness recognizing that we are who we are through the connection, engagement, and service to others.


I believe in strengths-based care, which spends more time creating space to explore your assets to this world vs your shortcomings. I believe that you are an agent in reframing, redefining, and restoring what matters to you and those around you.  Thus, culture and identity play a critical role in how you see yourself and your possibilities. I believe that healing should be experienced collectively and can be the result of building a healthy identity. Using the art process, I support you in unearthing your purpose, powering through your truth, connecting with your sources of identity, and making room for your crown. Let's explore your inner core!

Racial and Health Equity

I realize the lack of accessible resources and culturally relevant practices available for minoritized communities. I remember how hard it was to find someone who looked like me, who welcomed my cultural experiences, and who was patient enough to get to my core.

It was through this experience that I not only wanted to become an advocate but bring awareness to these issues and act on it. Harnessing my knowledge and skills in creative execution, relationship building, community connection, and innovation, I bring the pineapple to the table to explore our inner core.


Make Room for your Crown!

Get up close and personal with the local artist April Fitzpatrick. Join us to learn more about her artwork, her creative process, and all the things that inspire her. Connect with April and hundreds of other local artists on


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April Fitzpatrick's 'A Symbolic Transformation' bears fruit at Artport Gallery

The Council on Culture & Arts is pleased to present A Symbolic Transformation: Artworks by April Fitzpatrick at the Artport Gallery and COCA’s Online Gallery from March 30 – June 13, 2022. READ MORE

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As an artist, art therapist, and founder of Pineapples with Purpose, April’s creative expression collides with her cultural experiences, which have imposed a powerful influence on her art process and professional endeavors. She draws influence from Black psychology, the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Arts Movement, and Souls Grown Deep.


April Fitzpatrick (she/her) is a registered art therapist, self-taught visual artist, and CCO of Pineapples with Purpose, LLC, a preventative....

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Works of art are giving people a new perspective on the struggles people face living with mental....

In this workshop with April Fitzpatrick of Pineapples With Purpose, we learn to embrace art as a means of caring for our mental wellness. Walk with April through this inspiring hour of personal reflection and creative healing. Q&A Afterwards with Callie Watson.




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