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Toucans and Pineapples


Let's Make Room For Your Crown!

Creative Expression for Wellness (Membership) 

Are you simply wondering if you are creative or want to get back to your creative self while remaining well? Let's create an avenue for such opportunities by connecting with your intuition and imaginative self through the creative process. Community is the core of our work; we invite you to be open to creating and learning with others. This process is nonclinical, not a mental health treatment, and does not treat diagnoses. 

We will use short expressive art prompts to activate your right brain. This work supports processing relationships, health and wellbeing, career and work, and creative related practices. This group centers on BIPOC individuals and gives attention to race-based traumatic stress. Intersted? Join HERE

Benefits of Having a Creative Community:

  • Develop soulful relationships

  • Learn self-care techniques

  • Prioritize self

  • Safe space to express

  • Build confidence

  • Celebrate yourself and others

  • Decrease stress and worry

  • Process challenging times

  • Water your creative side 

  • Have accountability partners

  • Turn wounds into wisdom

  • Learn to be present

  • Imagine life possibilities 

  • Execute plan

  • Reclaim your gift and/or practices

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$80/monthly or $480/annually membership fee

(4) 60min sessions (meet weekly)

No commitment 

Book a Free 15 min Consultation to learn more about what you can expect!

Creative Coaching Package

Are you an artist, art therapy student, teacher, activity specialist, creative looking to start your creative journey, strengthen your creative pursuits, or interested in integrating art therapy into your work? I am here to support you along the way. Creative coaching takes creative expression further helping participants to recognize, develop, and apply their artistic, innovative, and intuitive skills. Sessions will move participants through goal setting and clarity maps via motivational interviewing, tracking progress, encouraging learning, and the motivation to achieve what you are desiring. 

Anxiety, worry, frustration, and lack of confidence can stop us from dreaming big and pursuing our passion. It is easy to talk yourself out of taking chances by considering everything that could go wrong. However, when you are an artist at heart and enjoy helping others creatively, you deny yourself joy, freedom, and power when you don't tap into your gifts. Why not you? Why not now? Using art prompts and exercises, we assist you in connecting with your intuition, eliminating your limitations, and envisioning your next journey. 

Sessions are non clinical and ONE on ONE. Meeting times are based on your needs, goals, and personal progress. Interested? Click HERE to get started. 

Benefits of Creative Coaching:

  • Explore and gain clarity around your art therapy identity 

  • Receive support and develop practices to advance your creativity

  • Build confidence

  • Integrate art to maintain a growth mindset

  • Learn about research and funding opportunities 

  • Expand your skillset

  • Share your deepest dreams and aspirations

  • Regenerate and move your ideas to positive production

  • Processing challenging times

  • Implement the 8 P's of Pineapple with Purpose

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(2) 60 mins | $180          (Meet biweekly)

60 mins | $90 (as needed)

Book a Free 15 min Consultation to learn more about what you can expect or get started HERE.

Therapy Frequency

A chance to make solid gains and achieve your therapy goals. One session each week


Cradle-A chance to make solid gains and achieve your therapy goals. One session each week

Core-Maintain good functioning and reinforce gains.  One session every other week.


Crown-Check-in for support and realignment. One session monthly.

Make Room for Your Crown-Come as needed or when you are in stressful situations, or during a difficult time of year.

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