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April Fitzpatrick is a board certified art therapist, mixed media visual artist, and CCO of Pineapples with Purpose, LLC, a mobile mental health service that introduces art therapy to communities impacted by race-based traumatic stress. Her current project, Symbolic Transformation, calls into question her role as a visual artist and art therapist within Black communal spaces. She creates large-scale pieces based on the visual influences of both her personal and professional experiences. Combining contemporary abstraction with experimental narrative, she captures the layered realities of Blackness, racial trauma, and oppression alongside the history and evolution of the pineapple. Fitzpatrick’s principle purpose is helping individuals uncover, assess, and externalize challenges that affect their overall wellbeing as well as calling for the decolonization of mental health practices within Black communities.
Fitzpatrick’s work has been featured in the Tallahassee Democrat, Canvas Rebel, Artful Infrastructure, Black Superwoman Chronicles, ArtPlace America, Black Minds Mag: Issue 2, Art Seen: The Curator’s Salon Magazine, and ART4EQUALITY x LIFE, LIBERTY, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS Exhibition Catalog.

April's most recent accomplishments include being Arts in Medicine Fellow (AIM), Baldwin for the Arts Fellow (BFTA), and the city appointed practicing artist for the Council on Cultural and Arts Board of Directors (COCA). April is committed to using art to create a sense of place and belonging. She believes that in order to turn pain into purpose, you must “Make Room for Your Crown!”

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I realize the lack of accessible resources and culturally relevant practices available for minoritized communities. I remember how hard it was to find someone who looked like me, who welcomed my cultural experiences, and who was patient enough to get to my core.

It was through this experience that I not only wanted to become an advocate but bring awareness to these issues and act on it. Harnessing my knowledge and skills in creative execution, relationship building, community connection, and innovation, I bring the pineapple to the table to explore our inner core.


PWP is Hopeful, Transformative, Cultured, Boundless, and Symbolic.


Pineapples with Purpose recreates, reimagines, and reinvents the way we view mental health.


Decreasing the mental health stigma is our Mission.


Helping others find beauty in their brokenness is our Priority.


Using art to turn pain into purpose is our Superpower.


Make Room for Your Crown is our Motto.

We ignite your mood and welcome you into a safe space with the pineapple's symbol of hospitality, but we do not stop there. We utilize everything about the pineapple to appreciate your narrative.


Get up close and personal with the local artist April Fitzpatrick. Join us to learn more about her artwork, her creative process, and all the things that inspire her. Connect with April and hundreds of other local artists on


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April Fitzpatrick's 'A Symbolic Transformation' bears fruit at Artport Gallery

The Council on Culture & Arts is pleased to present A Symbolic Transformation: Artworks by April Fitzpatrick at the Artport Gallery and COCA’s Online Gallery from March 30 – June 13, 2022. READ MORE

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As an artist, art therapist, and founder of Pineapples with Purpose, April’s creative expression collides with her cultural experiences, which have imposed a powerful influence on her art process and professional endeavors. She draws influence from Black psychology, the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Arts Movement, and Souls Grown Deep.


April Fitzpatrick (she/her) is a registered art therapist, self-taught visual artist, and CCO of Pineapples with Purpose, LLC, a preventative....

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I was thrilled to interview mixed-media artist and art therapist April Fitzpatrick. Her work explores stories of racial trauma in the....

With a background in psychology, an unconventional experience in art therapy, and commitment to visual artistry, April Fitzpatrick....

In this workshop with April Fitzpatrick of Pineapples With Purpose, we learn to embrace art as a means of caring for our mental wellness. Walk with April through this inspiring hour of personal reflection and creative healing. Q&A Afterwards with Callie Watson.




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