About US

Make Room For Your Crown


April Fitzpatrick

Visual Artist, Art Therapist

With a background in psychology, an unconventional experience in art therapy, and commitment to visual artistry, April Fitzpatrick has given much attention to the mental health crisis in communities stricken with poverty and crime. Serving as a facilitator for trauma-focused workshops, working as a teaching artist, and navigating the community as a visual artist has afforded April the opportunity to see trauma from several perspectives. 

However, it wasn’t until she experienced a personal encounter with depression and anxiety that she realized the lack of accessible resources and cultural competency that existed for her as a black woman seeking therapy. April remembered how hard it was to find someone who looked like her, who welcomed her cultural experiences, and who was patient enough to get to the core.

It was through this experience that she not only wanted to become an advocate but bring awareness to these issues and act on it.Harnessing her knowledge and skills in creative execution, relationship building, community connection, and innovation, April brings the pineapple to the table to explore our inner core.


PWP is Hopeful, Transformative, Cultured, Boundless, and Symbolic.


Pineapples with Purpose recreates, reimagines, and reinvents the way we view mental health.


Decreasing the mental health stigma is our Mission.


Helping others find beauty in their brokenness is our Priority.


Using art to turn pain into purpose is our Superpower.


Make Room for Your Crown is our Motto.


We ignite your mood and welcome you into a safe space with the pineapple's symbol of hospitality, but we do not stop there. We utilize everything about the pineapple to appreciate your narrative.